Girls create memories for a lifetime in Bude

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The LIV (Year 7) girls had an excellent week (11th-15th June) of challenges and pushing boundaries in water and at great heights at ‘Adventure International’ in Bude with a team of superb instructors, along with Mrs Thompson, Mrs Muir, Miss Stephens and Miss Garnock.

Adventure International has its own high ropes, climbing wall, abseiling and caving tunnels; the beach and estuary are close by for surfing, body boarding and kayaking and local fields are set up for mountain boarding and mountain biking. Evening activities included beach games, a talent show and disco. We were delighted to be once again the ‘Super Team’, with Eva-Rose, Grace and Niki gaining awards for bravery, enthusiasm and wit. Everyone returned to school feeling very proud of all they had achieved and with memories to last a lifetime.

In the girls' words:

'Surfing was amazing! The instructors were so helpful because I hadn’t surfed before. so by the end I managed to catch a few waves. I loved it so much. I have conquered my fears'. Iris

'The morning swim was chilly but woke us up, buzzing for the activities later in the day'. Harriet

'I’d go back again if I could, it was one of the best experiences of my life!' Hannah

'It was a brilliant experience and a huge confidence-booster for everyone, as a lot of us were pushed out of our comfort zones'. Grace

'My experience at Bude was the best! I loved the high ropes, abseiling, climbing and evening activities, especially the karaoke and talent night!' Izzy

'I will always remember the great time we all had, all the fun activities and having fun with our friends.' Eloise