On 17th March, having peeked at the weather forecast and dismissed the snow warnings (for surely, it’s nearly summer?) we wrapped up warmly anyway – and we were certainly glad that we did!

Having arrived at our start point, amid the chickens, we met up with the participants from Radley, decked out in their smart regalia, then headed for the fields.
The dogs were simply adorable, but we learnt not to pet them as they are trained hunting dogs. However, they were entertaining to watch as they investigated in their little packs, picking up scent, barking in unison and running around in circles. With tails alert, they found the scent of several hares, despite the falling snow.

We had an adventurous and muddy afternoon, leaping over ditches and ducking when the hares raced past us! Having huddled together to keep warm, we enjoyed our picnics and chocolate al fresco, before returning to our hosts’ house for hot dogs and hot tea!

By Imogen and Amber