After our classes on Wednesday 14th March, we had a wonderful presentation about the REME, which stands for the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

They informed us about the benefits and adventures you would get if you joined the REME. When the presentation finished, we went to the astro to participate in a challenge. We were split into two teams and had to fix a go-kart; when I say fix, I actually mean we had to work out what was missing from the wiring diagrams, put the wheels on and connect the batteries. It may sound easy, but given we had to select from the 'Spares Shop' which wheels, spanners, washers and batteries we would need, it took us approximately 30 minutes; that was apparently close to the current record time.

After the hard work, all the team members got a chance to ride drive the kart around a course. Fortunately there were no bumps or accidents! The evening finished with a really lovely dinner, where we got to ask the officers and soldiers some last minute questions.  The evening was a great experience which introduced us to a possible career path of being engineers in the future. On behalf of all the girls, we would like to thank the REME officers, soldiers and staff who contributed to this event.

Erica and Flora (LVI Form)