The morning of 16th March saw the last of our British Science Week celebrations with the annual Great Science Bake Off. Two girls were chosen from each Company to compete. They were told that they would be given a certain amount of biscuit dough and the ingredients to make royal icing 'glue'. The brief was to design a 3D structure on the British Science Week theme 'Exploration and Discovery' and they could bring in anything they wanted from home to add to their entry except more dough. On Thursday night there were tense scenes and an amazing amount of mess in the cookery room and the kitchens of Florence Dyas House. Two hours later, five stunning structures emerged and were taken up to Top Hall ready for the judging on the next day.

On Friday morning the girls arrived in Top Hall to see not only the student entries but some very imaginative entries from the staff as well (their rules were less strict - it just had to be baked). Our resident Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (Mrs McKernan and Dr Fowler) sampled and deliberated, eventually awarding student prizes to Moberly for their fabulous rocket design and Poore the technical prize for their stunning Galapagos Island complete with a Darwin and two finches (which even had different beaks!). The staff competition had some very imaginative entries: Mrs Pallot had fruit cake pretending to be the fruit cake found in the hut left by Robert Falcon Scott in Antartica, Mrs Durant produced a Mars Rover, Mr Trowbridge a luscious lemon lunar rover but the prize had to go to Mr Rose with this portrayal, in cake, of the car park where Richard III was found, complete with a buried Richard III (lego skeleton). Everyone put so much effort in and it was a wonderfully fun way to celebrate the end of a very busy British Science Week.

Mrs Alexandra Haydon, Head of Science