As part of the MIV (Year 8) Biology curriculum, the girls learn about how plants reproduce. Mr Vince Pennock very kindly came into their Biology lesson this week to demonstrate and explain how gardeners are able to propagate their plants. Mr Pennock talked them through the technique of 'taking cuttings' and the girls were then able to have a go themselves - hopefully they all have either geraniums or spider plants now growing in their dorms! As well as learning about plant propagation, Mr Pennock introduced them to the idea of 'grafting' and showed them the apple trees in the orchard which had been grafted.

The following lesson, the girls were back outside in the orchard with our Biology technician, Mr Pete Salter, who talked to them about the ongoing Orchard Project and why the decline in orchards in England is a real threat to the biodiversity that we have in our countryside. The girls are currently making a short video to answer the question, 'Why is biodiversity so essential to a productive orchard?'

Mrs Alexandra Haydon, Head of Science