Fizzing fruit, ice cream and popping candy were the highlight of the Dry Ice Workshop held several times this week for any Fourth Form students wishing to attend.

The girls were able to 'play' with the frozen carbon dioxide, forming soapy bubbles filled with the cold gas, while they learnt about sublimation and observed how the difference in density between air and carbon dioxide allowed bubbles to float in a container filled with the gas. They then enjoyed snacking on fizzy fruit, which had been formed by storage in a sealed container with dry ice for 12 hours, and ice cream, made by incorporating powdered dry ice into a creamy vanilla mixture. Finally, they considered how carbon dioxide is the key to the pop in popping candy and the fizz in sherbet lollipops. All agreed it was a very informative, yet tasty, learning experience!

Mrs Caryn Harward (Head of Chemistry)