The weekend of 2nd December was a very special one for many of us, as we partook in our Confirmation Service. It was a wonderful day where our families, friends, godparents, teachers and peers celebrated Confirmation with us.

After a delicious breakfast with the the Bishop of Ramsbury, Dr Kirk and Father Jonathan, we made our way to church. We soon found our places and greeted our respective parties of family and friends. The service itself was beautiful, with a Baptism as well as the 36 Confirmations! We all felt very moved by the Bishop’s words and were very thankful for them. As we were handed our Confirmation candles at the end of the service, we all felt thankful and joyous for such an occasion.

We were greeted by an unbelievable reception back at school and especially appreciated the amazing cakes made for each girl by the very talented catering team. Finally, we all left the reception having had a great day. We would like to say a huge thank you to Father Jonathan and Mrs Paddock for preparing us so well and to the Bishop of Ramsbury for a wonderful service.

Elsa (LV Form)