On Thursday 19th October, the author Julia Golding came to visit St Mary's as part of Enrichment Week to speak to the Fourth Form about her experiences as a multi-award winning writer. Julia also writes under the pen names Joss Stirling and Eve Edwards, and has now published over 30 books in genres ranging from historical adventure to fantasy.

The Fourth Form had the opportunity to listen to Julia’s journey from British diplomat to award-winning author and found out how she manages to juggle writing under different pen names, they then had the chance to ask Julia some questions.

Below is an account from Olatz (MIV):

Without a doubt the best part of my time here has been Enrichment Week. On Thursday, the author Julia Golding came to visit. She was very nice and caring. She knew a lot about literature, writing, poetry and most importantly,  expressing one’s feelings. We completed an activities' booklet where we wrote our own poems and stories. We also practised descriptive writing and wrote about people we saw in postcards; we described what we imagined their smells, moods and feelings might be. We had the opportunity to buy some of Julia Golding's novels which she kindly signed for us.

Below are some examples of the writing the girls did during the workshop 

Poem by Hannah (LIV) 

Inside my head there is a dazzling sunrise, A motionless bird's feathers, A man without eyes.
Inside my head there is the cheering of birds, The taste of plump grapes And the smell of a small birthday cake being served in thirds.

Story by Hannah (LIV)

The irritating, repetitive sound of his alarm clock awoke Phoenix Hathaway. Instinctively, he slammed his hand down on it, cutting off the noise. He reached out for his rose-gold iPhone, pressing the small power button and watching as the screen flickered into life. Yawning, he scrolled through his Twitter notifications, which surprisingly took a while - he never had this many! Clearly his tweet yesterday ("Nobody is born hating another person because of his race or his background or his religion") had caused an enormous reaction.

Later that day, Phoenix was scrolling through his texts when he saw one from an unknown number. That was odd; he never gave his mobile number out to anyone apart from his close friends and family. The message read: "You think you've won, but you can't - white people will become superior, and if anyone tries to stop that, they've got another thing coming." He shrugged it off, thinking it was simply a prank.

As he was slipping into bed that night, he heard a tapping noise, and the warning creak of a door being pushed open slowly.

Poem by Marguerite (UIV) 

Inside my head is a mushroom, slimy dull and grey Inside my head is a bandage, white and new today Inside my head is hut, freshly packed with hay Inside my head is a trumpet, shiny, special, ready to play Inside my head is ginger and baking with my mum, Inside my head I'm free and everything is done,