UIV were treated to a Drama and Computer Science collaboration on Thursday morning of Enrichment Week. As the theme for the week has been social media, the focus for the morning was examining how some communication is best left for face-to-face meetings. The girls also explored the idea that some conversations on social media can be misconstrued or taken out of context.

To demonstrate their learning, pupils were to make a short film on the topic. In preparation, this initially involved a workshop by outside speaker Dominic Waldron. He focused on acting to the camera and film directing as the pupils would be filming their piece on iPads. The girls learnt how acting for film is different to acting for theatre, as well as how to frame shots, consider angles and shot selection.

The girls quickly put these new skills to the test and found a suitable location to film their short video – many wanting to shoot their scenes in St Cecilia’s House. The girls specialised in either directing the work or starring on screen. Ideas for the piece were wide ranging and very imaginative, depicting the difficulty that we have in being able to build a rich dialogue using simple text messages. At the end of the session, the pieces were enjoyed by all and judged by Dominic, Miss Bradfield and Mrs Thornton. Three worthy winners were selected from the 14 excellent entries and first place was awarded to a group which focused on bullying online compared to in person. Second place was awarded to a group which replicated our behaviours online in real-life such as ‘following’ and ‘liking’ people. Third place went to a group which focused on a message being misread and the sadness this caused. The energy and enthusiasm by all was great to see and the Computer Science Department will be using a variety of the videos when helping to inform LIV of online safety issues - a topic that will be faced by the girls later in the year.