As part of Enrichment Week, on 17th October the MIV examined Roman social media – graffiti! Throughout the morning they rotated around three sessions, each asking them to question how graffiti was created, who might have done so and why.

The Classics Department were all very impressed by the girls’ detective skills as they set to work to both translate messages left on the walls by Romans 2000 years ago and to work out the story behind the messages. Moving on, the girls looked at Banksy’s street art and considered the power of art to convey political messages. Here imaginations could – and did – run wild as the girls worked on their own graffiti which held messages or symbols to be decoded by people in centuries to come. 

The final sessions involved painting on the walls! Any visitor to the Classics classroom will now be transported back to the first century AD, as the girls have traced round real Roman graffiti and painted messages, art and political slogans from Pompeii and Rome straight onto the walls. The girls are to be commended for the way in which they engaged with all the tasks and for the wonderful display in the Classics Department.