On Tuesday 17th October, the LIV took to the downs to investigate the ‘Chalk Landscape’. We were incredibly lucky as it was a beautiful morning, bright and sunny with the landscape of the downs emerging through a haze of light. After an initial walk up the footpath and on to the downs, we stopped to view our surroundings and the girls focused on filling in their handouts and identifying the features of the chalk discussed in class. They worked enthusiastically, answering questions, taking pictures and videos. We stopped for break near the Lansdowne Monument where we had our snacks whilst enjoying the wonderful views. The girls were able to take further photographs of the monument and white horse as well as some fun group videos.

We then moved on to look at the dry valleys from the top of the scarp slope, as well as the remains of Oldbury Iron Hill Fort, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of living on this exposed site. From the top of the old fort banks we looked at the dip slope and discussed the land use of this area. Then positioning ourselves in the shelter of one of the man-made ditches, the girls had an opportunity for some hill rolling which they thoroughly enjoyed. Having completed work at the top of the downs we walked back down one of the spurs to the bus, slightly dirtier than we had set out but pleased with the success of the morning's work and play. Overall, it had been a very enjoyable and valuable morning’s fieldwork completed by an enthusiastic and hard-working group of LIV.

In the afternoon, the girls in their Company groups, used the book creator app on their iPads to create a book of their morning's exploits, including facts, photographs, videos, drawings, poems and written accounts. They created some interesting and pleasing books which will be shared and uploaded for their Companies and others to view.

Mrs Sally Hornby