Thirty six excited girls and staff set out for our tour to Greece in the early hours of 9th March. Our first visit was to the beautiful temple of Poseidon at Sounion. This is set in the most attractive cliff top position and certainly evoked the power Poseidon had over the sea.

The Byzantine monastery at Hosios Loukas was very interesting, especially as five monks still live there to keep it an active place of worship. Delphi was stunning and it is clear why a sanctuary and temple to Apollo was placed here. We pondered on the oracle and how important it was to the ancient classical view of prophecy and truth. Artefacts such as the bronze charioteer and a sliver bull were amazing to see. Unfortunately, the weather on Saturday was very wet. After buying up all the umbrellas available in the small village of Mycenae, despite the rain, we climbed the rock at Mycenae to see the Lion Gate and palace of Agamemnon. We noted how his wife Clytemnestra had brooded on the death of their daughter Iphigenia and waited for Agamemnon's return for ten years before murdering him on his return, as he arrives back with his concubine Cassandra on his arm. Epidaurus was even wetter, both underfoot and from the rain. Nonetheless, we saw the theatre and Ascelepion. This site was meant to be health giving but clearly was unlikely to achieve that on this occasion!

Once home and dry, we were entertained by a Greek Folklore evening. All the girls joined in the dance, to great hilarity! Our final day was packed with a trip to the Acropolis to see the wonderful Parthenon and Erectheum. The views of modern Athens and the Odeon, Asclepion, and Theatre of Dionysus below were impressive. The girls had some free time to shop in the Plaka area before going to the National Archaeological Museum to see the treasures from all around Greece. Overall, this was an amazing trip with so much to see and admire. The girls were wonderfully behaved and a good time was had by all!  Mrs Elizabeth Rothwell, Head of Classics