On 2nd March, we took part in the Blood Hound Rocket Car Race at UTC College in Swindon. Firstly, a few non-participating cars were tested with rockets and light gates. The rockets generated much more speed than when we tested them with compressed gas, and we got to see what our cars would look like when racing. The light gates were used to measure the speed of the cars. In our particular hub there were about ten cars racing, including ours. It was quite a nerve-racking experience as we had many spectators. The cars were connected to a piece of string, and a rocket was inserted through the back. A micro bit was also placed inside the car to register the speed. There was a countdown of '3, 2, 1' and then a button was pressed, triggering the car to accelerate through the light gate. There were various designs with many different speeds.

At the end of the day Annie and I’s (Emma) car proved the best, winning with a time of 36.8 milliseconds through the light gate, and made the speed of 60 mph. It was a great result as we had only had three one-hour sessions, one of which was devoted to testing, compared to the other groups which had spent six weeks over the projects and had access to proper tools. Flora and Michaela proved great mentors, instructing us on what to do and how to construct a winning design. It was an extremely enjoyable event and we are all anticipating the rest of our results.

Emma, Annie, Belinda and Zara L.