We were very pleased to find that four designs, designed by our LIV and MIV girls, for a design a book cover competition run by Bookbuzz, have been placed in the top 30, out of over 1,000 entries!

Bookbuzz is a reading programme from BookTrust, which supports schools to encourage reading for pleasure, independent choice and develop a whole school reading culture. Participating schools give their students the opportunity to choose their own book to keep from a list of 17 titles suitable for 11-13-year-olds and selected by a panel of experts. All LIV and MIV girls were given their choice of book in December, and then in the New Year the design a book cover competition was run. All the girls created a design for their Bookbuzz title, and the four girls who had designs that made it into the top 30 were Anna D., Belinda H., Clemmie H. and Rosalie C. Very well done to them!

For further information about the Bookbuzz Design a Book Cover Competition, please click here

Dr P James, Librarian