National CyberFirst ChallengeIn the week commencing 27th Febuary, 15 students from UIV and LV are competing in the online round of the National CyberFirst Challenge. This new competition has been developed by the National Cyber Security Centre and it is designed to open up and introduce talented students to the possibilities of a career in cyber security. In the UK currently only 10% of those working in cyber security are women.

In the online round, the teams will complete challenges from four categories: logic and coding, networking, cyber security and cryptography. Each category will have three levels of difficulty and completing one of three challenges in a difficulty level will open a new challenge. The top ten teams nationally will be invited to take part in the grand final in London on 27th March 2017, where they will need to investigate malicious activity online.

Many of the girls who have entered the competition are currently completing the GCSE Computer Science qualification and many of those in UIV have requested to commence the course next year. The competition shows the students one possible avenue available to them and makes them aware of what a pressing need the country has for talented female computer scientists.