Aeneid 1On 28th February, eight girls went to Cheltenham Ladies' College to participate in the annual Latin Reading Competition. This year was especially well attended by pupils from eight different schools and the standard was particularly high.

All girls from St Mary’s gave excellent and confident performances. Aimee and Hannah read a poem of Catullus for the seniors and did very well to achieve third and second place respectively. Camilla and Sophie were commended for their excellent pronunciation of Aeneas’ rousing speech to his men taken from Aeneid I. Finally, the two junior teams, Elan and May and Lydia and Saskia gave enthusiastic, dramatic performances of an argument between the married couple, Salvius and Rufilla. Lydia and Saskia are to be congratulated on reaching the final! As the judge said, the afternoon’s performances gave the girls an interesting insight into how Latin was normally experienced by Romans who listened to literature more often then they read it.