This frenetic workshop, which took place during Enrichment Week, gave the girls an insight into the world of the global markets and stock trading. Teams had to combine their skills of teamwork, risk, responsibility and enterprise to make money through successful trades.  Each team worked together to invest £15,000 in fictitious companies on the ever-changing Stock Market Challenge Trading screen. They had access to newspapers, TV broadcasts and radio bulletins to inform their decision-making processes. They had to react quickly to changes in the fortunes of companies, and try to predict outcomes of events in this fictitious but highly realistic world.  They were bombarded with information on their chosen business investments and had to filter and prioritise as a team.

The girls were commended on their abilities and all teams made money at the close of trading on the Friday. Congratulations to the overall winning team: Olivia, Alice, Clemmie, Tessa and Marguerite.