On Thursday 9th February, LIV and MIV were very lucky to have the author and artist, Dave Shelton, visit the school to talk to us about his work.  He has illustrated in several magazines and has also written four books - A Boy and a Bear in a Boat, Thirteen Chairs, Double Identity and Good Dog Bad Dog and he is also writing another book at the moment. He draws all the pictures in his books and designs the front covers too, which is quite unusual for an author to do.

During his talk he explained the characters in his books and what his books are about. He is also an amazing cartoon artist and uses this style to illustrate his books. He told us all about the jobs that he had done as an artist and how he had become an author. We all made up a story and he drew pictures to illustrate it, a bit like a cartoon strip. After the talk, we had an opportunity to ask him questions and we now all have a much better idea of what is involved in being an author.

Iona (LIV Form)