On Monday 6th February, as part of Enrichment Week, the girls from LIV and MIV Form welcomed Innovative Enterprise to the school and participated in the Enterprise Soapbox Challenge. This is a dynamic and cross-curricular workshop where the girls work together to imagine, plan, design, manufacture, package, promote and even pitch their own real soap products.

They started the day by learning about branding and product design and, as their skills developed, they moved on to design and manufacture a real soap that they ultimately pitched to the whole group. Working with realistic business roles and aims, the teams became a business for the session and they needed to work together to produce the best product. The standard of product produced was extremely high and the girls showed impeccable team work and drive.

The Innovative Enterprise team will return on Friday to follow up with their ‘Stock Market Challenge' – a frenetic and adrenaline-fuelled activity that mimics closely the processes and environment of a real stock exchange.

Mr Dan Curran, Enrichment Week Co-ordinator