On Tuesday 7th February we invited the Fun Learning Hindu Workshop to lead a session for our MIV girls for the third year running. Once again they did not disappoint but led a variety of learning activities which opened up for our girls the beliefs, teachings and practices of Hinduism and stretched their knowledge and understanding of Eastern religions.

"The experience was extraordinary and it was interesting to learn about the Hindu religion. We now understand the concept of life in the Hindu religion, and the theory that there are only two ways to begin life: a god or a big bang.

We also learnt about the god and the demigods; some lucky girls got to experience dressing up as a demigod and monks and looked wonderful in their outfits and beards!  Sakhya (who was leading the workshop) told us interesting stories about the gods and demigods and their responsibilities, such as how Ganesh got his elephant head.

We got to see pictures and statues of lots of different Hindu gods and goddesses. We learnt about the worship ceremony; we bowed down with the traditional Indian shell blowing and music playing in the background. Last of all, we did some dancing where Sakhya taught us some moves, then we copied them in time to music. We had a thrilling time and we gained more respect for the religion. Everyone really enjoyed the workshop."  Anna and Gigi (MIV)