Dr Kirk with girlsIn figures recently published by the Department for Education (DfE) regarding 2016 A Level results, St Mary’s Calne gets the top score for its ‘value added’ – that is how much progress students who studied A Levels made between the end of Key Stage 4 (at the end of Year 11, after GCSE Levels) and the end of their A Level studies, compared to similar students across England.  St Mary’s Calne scored +0.41 for value added*, well above the national average of 0.00, to be in the elite group of only 4% of schools in England with this value added score.

This places St Mary’s Calne above other other top girls' independent boarding schools, most of which scored ‘average’ for value added (in the top 60% of schools in England).  The DfE comparison chart - a useful tool for comparing value added scores - can be accessed here: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/

St Mary’s Calne also came top of the A Level table of 32 schools in Wiltshire, in statistics issued by the DfE and published by The Telegraph online on 19th January 2017 (based on the school’s average point score per academic entry). Click here for further information.

In addition to ensuring that girls achieve their academic potential, St Mary’s Calne provides an exceptional all-round education for girls in a warm and nurturing environment, coupled with outstanding pastoral care and an enviable extra-curricular programme, with over 60 clubs and activities.

* These figures are taken from DfE statistics and indicate the performance of girls at St Mary’s Calne at the 16 to 18 phase of their education (having completed their A Levels in the summer of 2016). The figures were published in January 2017. The scores are calculated by comparing the A Level results of St Mary’s girls with the A Level results of students in schools and colleges across England who started with similar results at the end of the previous key stage – Key Stage 4. 

PHOTO: Headmistress Dr Kirk with Charlotte (left) and Jessica (right) -two of our 2016 Leavers