Last week (commencing 30th January) saw our LVI team of Engineers (Aimee, Chloe, Florence and Victoria) visit the University of Bath for the residential component of the Engineering Education Scheme (EES).  We arrived with our materials, ready to build the product which has been designed over the last few months in collaboration with Schneider Electric engineers.

The brief from the engineers was to produce a National Grid Simulator which they can use with their customers to explain what happens at various places in the Grid when a fault occurs.  The girls had spent time each week with the engineers discussing their designs and plans and researching the electrical components which would be needed to provide the electrical simulation.  During the three days at the University the team used a variety of new machinery and tools to manufacture their product and learnt to work effectively in a team situation in order to complete the tasks to a deadline. They were also introduced to a group of undergraduates all studying STEM subjects at the University who then led a presentation about Engineering and, in particular, Civil Engineering.  

The EES project will now be completed in school by setting the circuit in place under the model and a presentation and industry-level report will be produced before the Celebration and Awards' Day in June.