Jon TabbertSt Mary’s was very pleased to welcome back Dr Jon Tabbert to speak to the girls about the admissions process to US Universities on Tuesday 31st January. Attendance was once again very impressive, with nearly 20 girls attending and reflecting the growing interest in the US university sector.

Dr Tabbert’s skilful, informative and entertaining presentation not only provided the girls with lots and lots of useful information on the application process, it also provided useful insights into what they are looking for in students, the types of courses available, SAT vs ACT and when and where these tests should be sat.

He also gave valuable information on the schedule potential applicants should be looking at, as well as an idea of the cost of attending a US university.

The presentation ended with some very searching questions from a number of the girls. Dr Tabbert was, as ever, highly impressed with the girls and is looking forward to his next visit during the course of the coming academic year, as well as the prospect of working more closely with some of the girls who have definitely decided that this is the way they wish to go.  For further information about how St Mary's Calne supports girls who are interested in studying in the USA, please click here