Telegraph League TableSt Mary’s Calne pupils are delighted to have come top of the Wiltshire Schools’ A Level 2016 League Table published online by The Telegraph on 19th January 2017, which is based on data published by the Department for Education (DfE) in January 2017.

St Mary’s Calne is ranked at the top of the 32 Wiltshire schools (including all the other independent schools in the region) for their average point score per academic entry.  The Telegraph’s table uses the criteria of average point score per academic entry - the total point score achieved by students in all academic qualifications is divided by those students’ total number of academic entries. An A* is worth 60, A 50, B 40, C 30, D 20, and E 10).

The data, gathered by the DfE, also shows that pupils at single-sex schools, in particular all girls’ schools, performed better in their A Levels than at co-ed schools. Across the country, single-sex schools notably outperformed mixed schools for students achieving three A Level grades AAB or higher of which at least two are in ‘facilitating subjects’ (ie those preferred for entry into Russell Group universities - including English Literature, History, Languages, Maths, the Sciences and Geography).

41.2% of pupils enrolled at all-girls schools achieved AAB compared with 37.7% at all-boys schools. At co-ed schools the figure was far lower, with just 17.7% of pupils achieving AAB. St Mary’s Calne was also ranked 2nd out of the 32 Wiltshire schools based on their AAB with two facilitating subjects score. 78% of its 2016 Leavers headed to Russell Group universities and all the girls who were offered places at Oxbridge secured their places. Girls move on from St Mary’s with solid foundations, ready to face any challenges in the next stage of their education.

The data also demonstrated that independent schools outperform all others for A Level results when considering the major groupings.

In addition to ensuring that girls achieve their academic potential, St Mary’s Calne provides an exceptional all-round education for girls in a warm and nurturing environment, coupled with outstanding pastoral care and an enviable extra-curricular programme, with over 60 clubs and activities.