SMC girls qualify for the semi-finals of the London Investor Challenge at the London Institute of Banking and FinanceCongratulations are due to three different teams from St Mary’s Calne who have qualified for the semi-finals of the Student Investor Challenge.

‘Bond Girls’ (Hannah, Hannah, Jess and Lily in UVI), ‘Winvestor’ (Aileen, Aillam, Angie and Galina in UVI) and ‘Economic Boom’ (Alice, Flora, Imogen and Nanami in LVI) were among the 500 teams nationwide to qualify for the next stage out of a field of over 6,000 teams.

The competition, run by The London Institute of Banking and Finance and supported by Bloomberg, involves teams investing £100,000 of virtual money on the London Stock Exchange over the course of three months of trading. Students need to keep their portfolios healthy by following the ups and downs of the market, judging when to buy and sell in order to make a profit. The competition gives students the opportunity to experience the dynamic world of share dealing and investing in the stock market.

The semi-finals will take the form of a four-week online challenge running from Monday 20th February to Friday 17th March.

Well done to these girls and the other Sixth Form Economics students who competed. We wish all three teams all the very best in the semi-finals.