Simon Heathcoat AmoryOn Friday 27th January, we were lucky to be able to welcome Simon Heathcoat-Amory, an Investment Director at Rathbones PLC, to deliver a presentation to the Sixth Form girls and their parents on ‘Your money – Your future’.

The purpose of this talk was to present to girls how much their aspirations in terms of children, houses and pensions might cost them over the course of their working lives. The bad news was that it could be as much as £2,000,000 but the good was that with strategic and careful investment, all of these goals were achievable.

Simon’s presentation was lively, interactive and pitched perfectly for his audience. There was the opportunity for some interactive work on how much everyday living in retirement might cost which elicited some amusing responses from the girls! The presentation finished with a question and answer session which included several questions from parents who were keen to get further insight into the cost of the things discussed.

Overall, it was an engaging and lively presentation and one which, we hope, will be expanded into a half-day session at some point soon so that these issues can be explored further.