British Informatics OlympiadThe British Informatics Olympiad (BIO) is a national competition where students are faced with three, fiendishly difficult problem solving challenges which they need to complete in less than three hours. The main marks are to be gained by the students programming their solutions and so it was a great opportunity for the fledgling Computer Scientists in LV and UV to flex their programming muscles. Impressively, entrants also included mathematicians without any programming knowledge.

Whilst we are still not aware of how the girls performed nationally, internally we have picked the top three students: first place went to Vicky (UV) who created a fully working solution to one of the questions on the paper which is hugely impressive given she has only been coding for three months. Second place went to Mimi (LV) who successfully applied her new knowledge of iteration, string handling and array data structures learnt in her first term on the GCSE Computer Science course. Third place was tied between Lucy (LV) devising an elegant solution to the first question and Ally (UVI) answering questions without the aid of a computer.

Everyone who entered the competition will receive a certificate from the organisers and the top three students will receive a prize. If you think you can compete against their mark then get involved; the question paper will soon appear on the website and Mr Mason would love to hear how you get on! Alternatively, have a look at the back catalogue of previous years’ questions if you fancy a challenge over the holidays.  The BIO is an annual challenge and will appear again next year. Very well done to all who got involved.  Mr Giles Mason, Computer Science & ICT