On Monday 28th November, we hosted the Bath and District heat of the English-Speaking Union's Churchill National Public Speaking Competition.

Our first team consisted of Georgia, Rose and Tegen. Georgia took to the floor to speak on the topic of ‘Science causes more problems than it solves’ and she delivered an insightful speech which explored all angles of the debate from medical progress to the negative consequences of the Internet. Rose was super in her role as Chair and Tegen won the award for ‘Best Questioner’ with her thoughtful questions which were able to elucidate important information from the team she was questioning.

Our second team consisted of Kirsten, Lauren and Mimi and they also performed to a high standard. Kirsten had the tough job of chairing a lively session on ‘Star Wars teaches us more on Good and Evil than the Bible’ and Lauren asked some excellent questions on the same topic. Mimi delivered a speech on ‘Can we no longer trust the experts’ and she won the award for ‘Best Speaker’ with the judges commenting on the depth of her research, her balanced approach to the question and her ability to answer questions confidently under pressure. We were incredibly proud of the performances of each and every girl and their diligent preparation and research meant that they really did shine in the competition. We were especially delighted when Georgia, Rose and Tegen came Runners Up in the competition and we look forward to growing this extra-curricular activity in the future.