As the rest of the UK gears up for the referendum of a generation, St Mary’s have also got into the spirit of things!

On Wednesday 22nd June, three MIV girls - Annabel, Belinda and Nancy - all competed against students from John Bentley School. The motion which was proposed by St Mary’s was ‘This House believes that the United Kingdom would benefit from leaving the EU’. With a student from John Bentley being timekeeper, St Mary’s also provided the chair, masterfully done by Rose in UIV. Both teams outlined their main arguments, adding rebuttals and answering questions from the floor. After a hard fought debate, the audience had a chance to vote using our version of the Ballot Paper, the results of which were:

Remain- 63%
Leave- 37%

The whole school will also be participating in our own version of the EU Referendum. After a chapel on Tuesday 21st June, which reminded all of the main arguments, the girls of St Mary’s will get a chance to have their voice heard. Ballot boxes and voting slips were delivered on Wednesday 22nd June and the girls could vote between 8am and 5pm on Thursday 23rd June: voting day. At the time of writing this we are yet to count the results; the LVI Government and Politics students are eager to help with the count and of course are looking forward to all the analysis that such a vote pertains to!