As part of Enrichment Week, the MIV girls were lucky enough to have a Hinduism workshop, learning about deities, culture, dance and more...

"I really enjoyed the Hinduism workshop because I like learning about new cultures. To start off with, three of us dressed up as three deities called Durga, Lakshmi and Sarawati. Sakhya Prema, who was leading the workshop, told us the stories about them. He then went on to talk about life in India. For instance, when you enter a temple, you must ring a bell to tell the gods you are coming. We learnt that each family had different gods that they worship. However, they are all incarnations of the Trimurti (the three main gods). We also learnt that Hinduism was the oldest religion to date, and I thought it was so nice to see ancient traditions come to life.

Later on, we did some traditional Indian dance, which was very funny! It was interesting to see that you only needed around seven movements to dance for a whole song! At the end, we acted out the story of King Hiranyakashipu and his son. We all got dressed up to act out the story, and it was a lot of fun! It was interesting to see that the king tried to be immortal - it shows that everyone dies and no-one can trick the gods!

Overall, the Hinduism workshop was a great way to end Enrichment Week. I definitely know a lot more about Hinduism now!"

Belinda, MIV