On Monday 13th June, St Mary’s ventured into the exciting and challenging world of Model United Nations.

This is a school, college and university-based organisation which seeks to simulate the work of the United Nations through debating global issues in order to formulate resolutions on issues such as child labour and exploitation, gender equality, conflict and a whole host of other important topics. Delegates assume the role of a specific country and learn to collaborate with others in order to add amendments and pass resolutions.

On Monday 13th June, we were invited to Kingswood School in Bath to take part in a training exercise which included a mini-debate. Five girls from St Mary’s Calne attended (Annie, Carina, Felicity, Georgia and Phoebe) and took on the roles of Ethiopia and Vietnam. The girls were hugely impressive in terms of their knowledge of their countries and, despite having no experience of MUN, participated fully and enthusiastically – even putting forward a major amendment to the Resolution on The Rights of the Child which was passed with a significant majority!

The girls spoke afterwards of how much they enjoyed the experience, how much they learnt from it and how much they are looking forward to the next event. MUN at St Mary’s Calne launches formally in September and we have already applied to attend two conferences next year and hope to attend at least two more, as well as organising a training event at which we hope to reciprocate the kindness of Kingswood School.