As part of Enrichment Week, on Tuesday 14th June, the UIV students who weren’t participating in the French exchange trip were taken to Legoland by the Maths Department.

First, we learnt how to build a Lego lion by following some on-screen instructions. After building it we programmed it to sit up and roar. Then we were taught how to add in a motion sensor to make it lie down. Learning how to build our own, moving Lego creatures was really interesting. We all had some free time to explore the park and, of course, go on some rides. After a few rounds on the roller coasters and some of us getting rather wet, we returned to the robotics room. Here, we were given a robot between the two of us and had to complete challenges. These included: getting the rover to turn, drive forward and push up a satellite, then return back. This was much harder than we initially thought and as we completed the tasks they got progressively harder. It was great fun and a fantastic day out; everyone really enjoyed themselves.