On Monday 13th June, all the MIV visited the Corinium Roman Museum in Cirencester to further their classical knowledge as part of the Enrichment Week activities. The Museum gave a good insight into the Roman influence in the area. The girls saw exquisite mosaics, frescoes, gardens, columns, roof tiles, dining rooms, all in the style of the Romans. Archaeologists have uncovered many coins, much jewellery, tombstones, and local artefacts which all help to build up a picture of the people who lived at Corinium.

In the workshop, the girls used artefacts to build up knowledge of four specific people. They dressed up as these people and then used tombstones to find out their names and how long they lived.

After lunch, the girls enjoyed exploring modern Cirencester before moving on to Chedworth Roman villa. This gives a good sense of the style and size of this important house and its beautiful environment. The nymphaeum, the bath houses, mosaics and corridor are all well preserved.

Fortunately the rain held off and a good day was had by all.