As part of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, the girls have recently started visiting nearby Springfields Academy on a Wednesday evening. 

"Springfields Academy is a residential school for students with special educational and behavioural needs. The first time we visited we were all a bit nervous but the boys and staff made us very welcome and before we knew it we were all chatting away and getting to know each other.

Springfields students came to us the next week and enjoyed a supper here before we went outside and showed the boys how to play lacrosse. We had a lot of fun, then the Air Ambulance landed on our school field which we all found very exciting! Kevin Derby, the teacher in charge of the boys, is very proud of his students as the boys find meeting new people and different environments challenging, but we all get on really well.

We have nearly finished redecorating a games room at Springfields; the boys chose orange and green paint which was an interesting combination but fun to paint!  We are really enjoying helping out and think that we can all learn a lot about each other’s lives in the coming months.

Eliza, Harriet, Joanna, Maggie, Millie and Nimi