On Saturday 7th May 2016, the final four teams of LV girls set out for their two-day Bronze DofE Qualifying Expedition.

Groups were dropped off by minibus and spent the late morning and afternoon walking to the campsite at the Golden Swan in Wilcot. The teams made good progress and survived the brief hailstorm and rain showers before they made it safely to the destination. At the campsite, watched by their assessors, the girls pitched their tents and cooked a hot evening meal. They were very lucky with the weather as it was a warm and sunny day. After the assessors left the campsite, the girls played a few ball games before getting into their tents for the night.

All the teams got up bright and early on the Sunday morning and cooked breakfast whilst packing their tents away and the campsite was clear by 8am.  Everyone did really well and were assessed as successful. The whole of the LV have finished the Bronze expedition section now and many are considering moving on to Silver DofE for a further challenge.