On the morning of Thursday 28th April, the LIV and MIV girls set off on the Challenge and Adventure (CAA) 'Walk and Camp.'

"Each group started at a different point, and there were checkpoints we had to pass as we walked. We stopped around halfway to have our lunch, and then we set off again, looking for the next two checkpoints we had to pass before we got to the campsite. We walked and walked, not noticing the ten miles pass by! It took us about four hours to complete the walk, and by the time we got to the campsite, we were really tired!

We got to the campsite first and set up our tents; it took a while to put them up as they were quite big but eventually we managed it. Then the other groups started arriving so we helped them to put up their tents too.  After that the rain started, so we sat in our tents for a bit and the teachers started cooking the food - we had soup and a barbecue which was great fun, followed by doughnuts and hot chocolate. We went to sleep and woke up really early the next morning.  After we had eaten. we cleared up the rubbish from the site, got our bags and got on the coach to go home. It was a great trip and I can’t wait to do it again next year!"

Rosalie and Isabella (LIV Form)