At the end of the Spring Term, 32 students set off in six groups to complete their three-day Silver DofE Practice Expedition. Each group was dropped off at their various starting points along the A4 and walked south towards their campsite at Lydeway, near Devizes.

The majority of the groups navigated carefully and arrived at the campsite to set up their tents and cook their supper in good time. Some of the navigation in the remaining groups went slightly awry, but they found their way in the end! On the first morning all the groups were very efficient about packing away and setting off on their second day walk, with their navigation improving, and they arrived safely at the camp at Bayardo Farm near West Woods, where it started to rain and continued all night! Everyone got up extremely early on the last morning to get back to school ready for the Easter holidays.

Well done to all of the girls for successfully completing this Practice Expedition.