Girls brave the cold for their Bronze DofE Practice Weekend

On Saturday 5th March, armed with nearly all their essential kit, the remaining four teams of LV girls set out for their local two-day Bronze DofE Practice expedition.  

After short minibus journeys to their starts, they followed their planned routes, with only a couple of encounters with barbed wire fences, to reach their check points en route to Blackland Lakes Campsite. Here they pitched their tents and cooked a hot evening meal in preparation for a very early night, thereby missing the sleet shower which turned their tents into igloos. Shortly before 6am on Sunday, aided by the dawn chorus of rooks and ducks, they did a brilliant job of getting going again after cooking their own breakfast, packing their icy tents away and having their stoves inspected (and re-inspected!) for cleanliness.  All left the campsite in good time and navigated with increasing confidence to the end, keen to get back to school, a hot shower, their much-missed phones and the internet.  They made good time and were back by mid-afternoon.

Congratulations to them all; the Practice was a valuable learning experience and they are now ready for their Final Expedition early next term.