This week we were thrilled to be able to give out certificates to the girls in UIV who had succeeded in gaining their AQA Certificate in Mandarin last year. At St Mary’s, all girls in the first two years (LIV and MIV) study Mandarin, and are introduced to both the language and the culture.

Over the course of the two years, the girls take a series of exams, culminating in the award of a certificate from the exam board AQA if they are successful in every test. The course covers a series of topics from family and talking about yourself, to food and drink and shopping in a Chinese-speaking country – something that more and more of us may well be doing with the expansion of the Chinese economy and the growing global importance of China. The girls need to be able to understand written and spoken Mandarin, and also be able to speak and write it for themselves.

Mandarin is a very complex language to learn, but at St Mary’s we are pleased to see that more and more girls are choosing to continue with their study of Mandarin post the compulsory introduction in the Fourth Form. We currently have GCSE classes in both Fifth Form years, and are about to offer Pre-U in the Sixth Form for the first time in September 2016.

Well done to the following girls:
Hattie A., Iona A., Charlie B., Selena C., Olivia D., Tegen D.C, Hebe E., Kirsten H., Robin H., Lucy J., Ella M., Maisie M., Grace O.E., Sujuna P., Lara K., Rose M., Mya P., Jolie R.D., Lily S., Cali S., Shubha S., Poppy T., Gabby T., Clemmie T., Kristina W.

Below is an example of the kind of text that the girls had to be capable of understanding in order to pass:

Read this email from Xiaohai about his home town.