On Monday 23rd November, Mrs Visser and Mrs Handy took a group of 12 girls studying Government and Politics in the Sixth Form to visit Westminster for a tour of the Houses of Parliament and later to partake in a question and answer session with the school's local MP, Mr James Gray.

Upon our arrival outside Parliament we were ushered into Westminster Hall where we met with our tour guide. He took us on a fascinating tour through the Houses of Parliament during which we stood in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, as well as learning a little about the history surrounding the Palace of Westminster. Once our tour had ended we were met by James Gray who very kindly took us to the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft where we were given the opportunity to see the plaque put up in honour of the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison after she spent a night hiding in a broom cupboard in order to record her address as being The House of Commons on the census - and thus making her claim to the same political rights as men.

After this, we were taken to one of the many committee rooms where we were able to question James Gray on current political issues, ranging from the defence budget to devolution and even the tampon tax! We thoroughly enjoyed the day and would like to thank the school and our teachers as well as James Gray himself for a wonderful experience.

Carina (LVI Form)