BBC Live Lessons inspire creativity through Classical Music

Ten Pieces BBC LiveOn 26th November, the MIV girls participated in the BBC's Ten Pieces Secondary Live Lesson in their English class with Mrs Lord. The aim of this live lesson was to inspire them to respond creatively to classical music. 

The girls wrote some excellent poetry whilst listening to Toreador Song from Carmen Suite No. 2 by Bizet.  They were asked to tap into the imagery and emotion of the piece whilst listening to it. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and the music enabled them to use their imaginations and write some very creative poetry. 

Below are four of the poems written by the girls: 


Poem One - Toreador

I am the proud peacock, strutting amongst the hens,
The tall tower standing alone in a field of cottages,
to entertain, to perform, to take risks, to bring lives together,
my changing life, changing time, the heart of a nation.

Standing strong, blood rushing, thunder, noise, cheers.
Adrenalin fuels me, when I see him waiting there.
The crowd roars, a blood-thirsty monster, eager for death.
I smile, white flash, and charge, one last time.

Poem Two
I am the wild wings to a well-eyed eagle,
the valour of the helpless bull.
I am sun to which the plants orbit
the centre, the middle, the completed round,
pure dignity of the wounded prey that gives no sound.

Poem Three
I run through the long savanna grasses, regal and proud.
My heart like waves beating against a distressed ship.
The zebras darting left and right like their stripes, trying
to escape my knife-sharp claws. My mane
dancing in the wind. I am a lion.

Poem Four
I am the dancing to a ball
laughing in the moonlight
beats and rhythms chattering.
Proud peacocks walking around like a merry-go-round.

Spiders slyly tinker along
weaving webs blowing in the breeze.
A breeze rushes by sending a shiver down its spine.

For further information about the BBC's Ten Pieces Secondary Live Lesson please click here