As part of Enrichment Week, on 19th October the MIV girls participated in a Christian Television Workshop, SAT-7.

"SAT-7 is a Christian television channel that devotes itself to helping and educating the countries in the Middle East and North Africa. They make all kinds of programmes – many with a Christian message, including virtual lessons for young children without schools often based in refugee camps, game shows, news, and also offer specific programmes for women, which teach them that they are as important as the men in their lives. Their aim is to help and show people that Christianity is not something to be afraid of. SAT-7 never tries to be offensive, and doesn’t tell its audience that they believe in the wrong religion. They broadcast in Arabic, Turkish and Farsi.

We spent the rest of the morning making our own short television programmes in our Companies. These included puppet shows for a younger audience, re-telling the story of Jacob and Esau, and acting for 7-11 year olds by retelling the story of baby Moses using green screen technology. For the 11-14 year olds, they did a modern version of Jo and the coat. There was also a news broadcast, again using green screen technology, moving between a 'BBC news studio' and their correspondent in Syria. The final group made a documentary about a life of a refugee in a camp and did lots of interviews. We found this interesting because it taught us a lot about what people have to go through, as well as being informative about how to make our own programmes, which was harder than we had imagined".

Elsa and Agnes