As part of the school's Enrichment Week, on Tuesday 20th October the LIV went on a day trip to discover technological advances in building works since the Roman era.

At first we visited Portchester Castle to see the original Roman walls, built to keep the pirates out. Then we climbed the keep in the castle to experience wonderful views over Portsmouth Harbour. This castle was built in the era of William the Conqueror and was also used as a strategic point for King John to keep the French out. We saw how in later years the castle was transformed into a priory and then a prison. The multiple uses all added a new strata to the building and we could see technological advances at work.

At Fishbourne the girls were treated to a workshop on how Fishbourne Palace was built and what now remains. It was clear that technological advances in computers had enabled the archaeologists to reconstruct a picture of Fishbourne from the primary and secondary evidence available. This made our tour around the site so much more informed! Finally, we enjoyed a film about how the palace was used and the sorts of people who went there. A good day was had by all, not least because the sun shone on us all day!