On the morning of Tuesday, 13th October, 18 girls from the LVI and UVI Physics sets visited Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) in Oxfordshire, a world-leading research centre into nuclear fusion technology.

As the world's population grows more and more rapidly, there is an ever-increasing demand for electricity that needs to be met. However, if physicists can harness the power of nuclear fusion we would be able to meet these energy demands in a safe and economically viable way without the negative impacts of pollution or radioactive waste.

The girls were given an introductory lecture by Sarah Fell from CCFE into the specific nuclear fusion research being done at the centre and this was followed by an outstanding tour of the JET experiment facility on site. They were given the opportunity to meet nuclear engineers, physicists and systems analysts that are part of the team leading this research. We were fortunate enough to be visiting on a day when the fusion reactor was operational and pulses were being run; we saw the control room in action. The girls also learnt how a master-slave robotic system is used for remote handling inside the fusion vessel.  All in all a hugely informative and inspirational visit.