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Voices on the WindThe school community has started working with award-winning artist and alumna, Arabella Dorman, on the collaborative project, 'Voices on the Wind'. Year 9 pupil Molly describes what she has learnt from her involvement in the project.

'I first heard about 'Voices on the Wind' in a Chapel presentation, I thought it was pretty cool that Arabella Dorman, a previous Calne girl, had made this project for everyone to contribute to. When I first heard about the 'Voices on the Wind' I was a bit unsure of what to think about it all. We had to draw/write on a flag about what is important to us, then we would hang them up in school for them to fly on the wind.

So we had to think of what makes us, and what feels important to us right now, this seemed a bit odd to me, but after a stressful day, sitting there and thinking about what truly was important to me really calmed me down and did make me think. It’s helped me realise that we have all been through a massive pandemic and we shouldn’t just pretend we haven't and go straight back to normal, but we should instead think about what got us through these times. My first thought was family and the sea, but Mrs Pallot (Director of Art) and I talked about and questioned - what about your family - what helps you and them? I replied, the sea helps me. I think I sat there for a good few minutes and thought, because I usually just say family and sea. This taught me that it’s always something deeper and knowing that can give you peace. I realised it was the support my family gave me that made me appreciate them so much more, because it’s not just family, everyone has family, but it’s what family means to you. I also discovered what it is about the sea that I love and it made me appreciate the sea much more. I ultimately think that 'Voices on the Wind' has taught me a lot and to think about what makes me and what helps me to get through hard times.'

Molly (Year 9)

For further information about 'Voices on the Wind' please click here.