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During Donaldson Week (w/c 24th May) the community of St Mary's will be working with award-winning artist and Alumna, Arabella Dorman, on a collaborative project, 'Voices on The Wind'. Each member of the school community will be given two flags on which they can record thoughts, prayers, poetry and pictures which they have conceived in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.​​

As we all begin the process of returning to 'normal', 'Voices on The Wind' is an invitation for the community to reflect, individually and collectively, on what they might have learnt or experienced throughout the pandemic. Each person will be invited by the Art School to share an expression of what they may have come to value, understand or appreciate more deeply, and what they may have become more aware of.​​

These reflections or ‘appreciations’ will be transcribed onto cotton flags in the tradition of Tibetan prayer flags and hung horizontally across the Art Courtyard. Collectively, these ‘appreciation’ flags will form a powerful expression of hope, shared creativity and resilience, and a deepened awareness through adversity, as we emerge from this pandemic into a new beginning. ​

The school community will unveil the 'Voices on The Wind' installation in June and the messages and designs will also be digitally collated to create a legacy piece, as part of the school's permanent collection. Part of the installation will also be displayed (alongside the digital piece) at St Mary's Calne's triennial Art Exhibition at Mall Galleries, London, in November 2021. 

'At a time of profound loss and trauma, I have searched for a meaningful response to this pandemic, and in doing so, have tried to find a way to shift the narrative from what has been lost, to that which endures, and that which might yet be born out of the broken remains.' Arabella Dorman