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On the evening of Monday 10th May, we were treated to a special screening by Artist in Residence, Miss Hilton, who shared the first episode of ‘Dream Time Film Night’ with an audience of pupils and staff. This was followed by a fascinating Q&A session conducted by student Head of Art, Adrianna.

'Dream Time Film Night' was born in reaction to how stagnant life can feel during the pandemic. In wanting to disrupt this stillness, Miss Hilton developed a film series which seeks to nurture creativity and inspire our dreams.

Miss Hilton explains the background to her film series:

'Since March 2020, my dreams have become much more fantastical and surreal. This led me to write stories inspired by my visions. In turn, films have been made in response to those stories. I am excited to share with you all an artwork that seeks to feed the imagination. Each episode will be playful and delightful and sometimes shape-shifting and curious. I’ve been making the most of our new Adobe Creative Cloud suite at the school. This film is being edited using Adobe Premier Pro. I’m also working with a mapping software called HeavyM to map the projected film onto a variety of objects and surfaces.'