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On Tuesday 15th September, we had the fortunate opportunity to welcome Sandra de Laszlo to come and educate us on The de Laszlo Archive Trust and their preparation for the exhibitions at the British Antique Dealers' Association and also later in the Hungarian National Gallery. Sandra is the Director of the Trust and Founder of the Catalogue Raisonné; she had shared the miraculous work of creating the catalogue of the artist’s 4,000 works with her team.

However, Sandra also explained many problems she had to solve in the production of creating the Catalogue Raisonné, such as the large amount of forgery and recovering missing pieces. Sandra also shared her experience of finding out more about the subjects of his paintings through de László’s personal notes and sketchbooks, which was immensely exciting and personal.

As last year marked the 150th anniversary of Philip de László’s birth, Sandra talked in detail the wondrous life of de László’s from his humble beginnings, being determined to be a successful artist; to receiving multiple awards from various countries, for his beautiful and skilled portraits. We had the great opportunity to view many personal and earlier pieces from de László, such as pieces from his hometown. From the young age of sixteen, de László received a place at the National Academy of Arts and then with his talent and perfected skills, he was able to paint many important figures such as our beloved Queen and Princess Nicholas of Greece.

Sandra’s lecture was inspiring and allowed us to learn more about the legendary painter, Philip de László, and the process of working as a curator. What a great opportunity it was to dive more into the world of Art and Curation.

Gigi LVI Art Scholar

For further information about The de Laszlo Trust and the Catalogue Raisonné, please see: www.delaszlocatalogueraisonne.com