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St Mary’s Artists have generously supported the latest Erlestoke Prison fundraising initiative to create sporting facilities at the site by contributing original artworks for cARTes postales 'Art on Postcards', alongside works by professional Artists, which include that of Antony Gormley. The pieces will be auctioned and the proceeds will go towards this worthwhile cause.

An amazing array of leading and local artists, writers, actors and musicians (including Marika Hackman) and other talented people, have generously created unique artwork on a postcard for this initiative by The Friends of Erlestoke Prison and The Salisbury Museum.  Purchasing a postcard voucher could mean becoming the owner of a postcard. 

'It is wonderful that our Artists recognise the local opportunities that benefit the wider community, to be thinking, making, ethical artists.' Kimberley Appleyard Pallot, Director of Art commented. The postcards created for the fundraiser will be on display on our St Mary's Calne Art instagram page: artatstmaryscalne and the selection of postcards can also be seen on Instagram by visiting cartes_postales_wiltshire

Postcards on the slideshow were created by: Rosie (Year 12 Art Scholar); Zara (Year 12 Scholar); Gigi (Year 11 Artist); Rose (Year 10 Artist); and Nina (Year 12 Scholar).

For further information about this initiative, please see the below, issued by The Salisbury Museum. 


cARTes postales - Art on Postcards

cARTes postales – art on postcards - is an exciting initiative by The Friends of Erlestoke Prison and The Salisbury Museum, working in partnership. Over 300 postcard-sized works of original art have been created for us. We are selling postcard vouchers at a cost of £40 each. Each voucher purchased will be randomly matched to a postcard. This will help raise funds to support rehabilitation projects at HMP Erlestoke, including a much needed all-weather sports pitch; the funds raised will also go towards supporting the Salisbury Museum for Future Generations project, which has just been awarded initial support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

This is an opportunity to own a piece of art by such talented people as Antony Gormley, Richard Deacon, Paul Kidby, Philip Mould and Marika Hackman, to name but a few of the incredibly generous people supporting the campaign.

Postcard vouchers are available online now from the Salisbury Museum website. A selection of postcards will be exhibited at The Salisbury Museum during September and October and members of the public can buy vouchers online. The allocation of vouchers to postcards will be randomly generated on 29th October and postcards dispatched to their lucky recipients by the end of October.

Please see the Salisbury Museum website https://salisburymuseum.org.uk/support-us/cartes-postales – for updates and further information.

This fundraising initiative has mental well-being at its heart. For the prisoners at HMP Erlestoke, there are currently no facilities for outdoor team sports. Exercise in the fresh air will improve the mental well-being and fitness of prisoners as part of their rehabilitation. It will also help to prevent reoffending. The Friends of Erlestoke Prison are aiming to raise £500,000 to build and install the all-weather sports pitch.

The Salisbury Museum is an independent charity, which uses its outstanding collections of art, archaeology, costume and social history to encourage learning, inspiration and enjoyment for all. The money raised will help support the museum on its journey towards the transformation of the Salisbury history galleries, restoration the museum’s medieval home and the launch a programme of learning and community activities to help build and grow audiences – the Salisbury Museum for Future Generations project.