The Year 9 girls spent their time in Art over Donaldson Week concentrating on Life Drawing.  In a session led by our Artist in Residence, Miss Litvack, the girls practised drawing portraits from life to begin the session.

Positioned opposite a partner, they made some quick five-minute sketches from life, practising placing the facial features correctly and applying the rules of proportions to the face. This session built upon what we had learnt about portraiture in class this term, and gave the girls an opportunity to apply their learning, and to paint from life rather than from a photograph.

The focus in the session was on using the drawing materials to build up tone, texture and volume, rather than looking only at outlines, to create three-dimensional drawings. We experimented with pencil, conte crayon and charcoal to test the different qualities of the materials.

The results were fantastic, and it was useful training to draw directly from the model. The girls learnt a lot, most of all to be patient in building up their drawings to achieve a realistic, multi-tonal effect.

After an hour spent practising Life Drawing, the girls worked on their Final Piece portraits, applying their learning to the larger pieces.

It was a great session with some excellent results.